A young boy named Isko, is left with his grandparents on a remote island in the Philippines, as his mother leaves the country in search of work. The curious boy discovers an extraordinary paranormal culture nestled in the woods, where the legend of a fairy maiden turned evil, wrecks havoc on their land. The people of the town have grown weary of the forest spirits, and maintained a watchful eye on their loved ones, knowing strange creatures would strike at any given moment, especially at night. While city folk like Isko were skeptical of their existence, the simple provincial folk grew up with these tales, and believed them faithfully. These creatures are often known as aswang, and children grew in fear of these creatures. Those who have disappeared from their town were believed to be taken by them, either eaten or turned into monsters themselves. 

Young Isko soon realizes that he knows how to defeat the evil fairy, and the answer lies within himself.