The Good Vibes Only - Group Art Show @ Sketchpad Gallery, SF

"There is this hyper cozy coffee shop that I love to go to- that feels like a small vacation each time I go. This house is inspired by the actual house which is right across it, so I get a good view of this scene as I work. I just feel like it's an apt place to call home for a lot of us who come here to do our own thing. Most days, this one artist likes to sit on his favorite spot to paint the patrons. Sometimes, he'd play the piano. The baristas are sweet and inviting. Kids, teachers, tutors, elderly folk like to come here to study, chat, work, or play board games. :p I wish there was more of this kind of small business around. Our communities need more good vibe places like this." - Jamie B

What:  "Pug's Sweet Home" 11x17" Framed Print (with 5x7 limited prints available at the gallery!)

When: July 1, 2017    5pm

Where: Sketchpad Gallery, SF, CA. 

505 Natoma St. @ 6th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 932-6208

Open Friday - Saturday



Interstellar Group Art Show at the Loin SF

Hello, everyone! I just want to invite yall to our show. I have these two guys up along with some prints at the Interstellar Frontiers group art show on Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 6pm-11pm at The Loin, SF. 

Featuring art from:
Bryan Young 
Instagram: @eggfuyoung

Chris Kohler
Artist Website: 
Instagram: @ckoehlerart

Heriberto Martinez
Artist Website: 
Instagram: @Heribertomartinezart

Ian Grabinsky
Artist Website: 
Instagram: @grabnsketch

Jennifer K. Phan
Artist Website:
Instagram: @sharklandia

John Brassell
Artist Website: 
Instagram: @tecatezilla

Jamie Borja
Artist Website: 
Instagram: @jamsbart

Kim Herbst
Artist Website:
Instagram: @kiwifruitbird
Twitter: @kiwifruitbird
See you there!!! ���

Master Study - Zorn

I'm hoping to improve my painting by studying masters like Zorn and Payne. Today, I focused on listening to Marco Bucci on Youtube, and learning how to block in major shapes, simplifying value structures and creating a more successful focal point. Painting is like forming a puzzle of abstract shapes into something tangible.

This took about less than an hour. I was aiming to get something considerably done in 30 minutes, but using the lasso tool in Photoshop makes it extremely laggy. XD

Looking back, I should have lessened the contrast on her lips. It was quick, so I couldn't give her too much facial detail.

Little Yosemite

My husband and I went on a short 4 mile hike to this place called Little Yosemite. It is a fantastic little area in the Sunol Regional Wilderness with waterfalls, creeks, huge boulders, trees, lush greens, and just gorgeous Mother Nature! I can't wait to come back for more painting adventure! XD